Cerro Mojino, home of Sam & Connie Taylor, is a 20 year old model for using sheep to establish and maintain grassland in a fragile, arid intermountain ecosystem. On 120 waterless re-vegetated acres, Taylors graze 70 head of Navajo-Churro sheep.

The wool is used in the Southwest by professional tapestry weavers. Connie purchases additional wool to supply her custom yarn business of 15 years. I will buy back your first clip if you purchase my sheep.

The Taylor flock specializes in lustrous white and rare brown. Color genetics is well documented along with health and production records, including O.P.P. free status of flock over many years.

Yarn samples available for $3.00.

Sheep sales are negotiated on an individual basis. Prices vary according to number purchased, age and color of sheep. Please contact us by June or July.

Sheep management and wool advice is freely given with purchase.

Sam & Connie Taylor
Cerro Mojino Woolworks
Box 135
Hoehne, CO 81046