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Navajo Churro fiber products source directory.

Click on any of the links below to go to independent offerings of Navajo-Churro Sheep Association member's web sites, offering various products from this incredibly versatile animal. For raw fleeces, click here to go to the fleece directory.

Phone: (503) 538-7987

At bide a wee farm we offer Navajo-Churro roving in a variety of colors, single ply weaving yarn (spun at 700 yards/lb), colorful sheepskins, well skirted lamb and adult fleeces, and horn buttons.
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Phone: (505) 681-2536

At Crow Flats Farm we process all our Navajo-Churro clips as well as custom process a range of different fleeces for our customers. Please check with us to see if we can process yours.
We take fleece from its raw skirted state, wash it, run it through our Belfast Mini-Mill Picker, and then turn it into rolls of batts on our Patrick Green Cottage Industry Carder, ready for your spinning and weaving projects.
We usually have in stock a range of colors, from brilliant white to tan, brown, grey, and black.

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Phone:  (208) 562-1961

Navajo-Churro roving in several colors and yarns in both natural sheep colors and plant dyed.  All yarns are single ply and spun at 600-800 yards per pound.  Perfect for weaving! Finished woven, braided, and locker hooked items. Looms and weaving tools as well.

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To be listed, here's the requirements:
* Farms must be paid up members of the N-CSA.
* Products (yarn, roving, weavings, buttons, skulls, etc) should be produced from Navajo-Churro sheep.
* $10 annual fee is paid to the N-CSA office (click here for info). Fee also allows inclusion into the fleece directory. A short descriptive paragraph of offerings, as well as a photograph, should be sent with the fee.