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Annual General Meeting of 2021 has been rescheduled for Oct 15-16 of 2022!

Important Notice!!
The 2021 Annual Meeting for the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association has been cancelled due to the current state of Covid Delta Variant infections across the US. This was a hard decision but increased infection rates everywhere, current hospital occupancy levels, and the event being largely indoors, the Board felt that it would be better to postpone the meeting until 2022.
The Board voted to reschedule the meeting to October 15-16 2022, at the same location and with the same format and hopefully the same presenters. Add the date to your calendars now and we hope to see all of you in 2022!


Click here for a flyer!

Sheep will be available for purchase! Lots of breeders are planning on attending in 2022!



By-Law Amendments Review
Last fall, a committee was formed to review and update the N-CSA By-Laws document.
It has been over ten years since the last revisions were made. Much of what the committee
worked on was updating some items that were not available the last time that a review was done like debit card use. Addition of verbiage to reflect our newly acquired 501(c)3 status, correcting outdated verbiage like Chair rather than Chairman, and typos were also addressed.
These edits have gone through several reviews by the board already and we now think
that they are ready to be brought to the membership for review. This will also be a topic on the agenda for the 2021 Annual Meeting in October. And the changes will be voted on by the
members present and/or via email or letter for adoption.
Because the changes to the By-Laws fall throughout the entire document and the By-
Laws are a fairly lengthy document, they will not be printed in the Catch Pen. Also, it was felt
that because a large number or our members receive their copy of the Catch Pen via the mail and those are not in color, the current changes would not be as clear for readers to see. Therefore, the new version with the color edits, will be posted to the “Events & Resources Page” of the Association Webpage for review.
Any comments or suggestions should be addressed to either Sam Cunningham at or Bonnie Barcus at

By Laws - revised. Click here to review.